Grow with Omnitro

Omnitro is a cloud-based platform that offers storage, picking, packaging, shipping and return process management assistance, and value-added services to the e-commerce companies.

Product Storage

At Omnitro, your products are being secured 24/7, insured, in A + quality warehouses, with a zero error assurance; are protected among the products of big companies such as Sony, Tupperware, Türk Telekom International, and Rossmann.

Preparation of the Orders

Omnitro collects your products from the storage areas for you when you sell something from your website. It packs up the collected products with the special packaging methods that you have previously specified.

The Shipment

By working together with UPS, Omnitro will ship your packages which are carefully prepared to your customers with the cargo tracking number in the fastest and safest way.

Cloud-Based Platform

Omnitro has a cloud-based platform where you can track and manage the entire process from receiving goods to delivering your products to your customers through a web-based interface.

Management of the Returned Products

Omnitro provides an easy-to-manage interface for returning products from your customers. It procures a user-friendly control center for you to make re-stocking or scrap decisions.

Value-Added Services

Omnitro offers value-added services to you and your customers that will increase the value of your brand, and increase your sales flexibility.

Specialized Boxing Services

Send us your custom design boxes. Describe what kind of boxing that you want, and your orders will be boxed according to your wish.

Payment Option: Pay at the Door

Omnitro provides both cash payment and credit card payment at the door. With this regard, you can offer different payment options on your website to your customers.

Support for the Barcoding

If your products do not have barcodes, we can provide barcoding to your products in the most appropriate way for you.

Gift Packaging / Greeting Cards

When your customers want to send gifts to their beloved ones, let them write love words on your website. In this regard, we can add these words of love to the gift packages.

Multiple Product Campaigns

Omnitro allows you to combine multiple products (Bundling, Kitting), and sell them as a single product. This gives you flexibility in your campaigns.

Sensitive Products

If you have products that can be spilled, broken or crushed, Omnitro can wrap, tape, or box separately these products.

Let’s Join Forces

Omnitro experts brief you to expand your e-commerce business.


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