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What Do E-Commerce Companies Do Wrongly?

In the e-commerce sector in recent years, many investments and process of purchase, which includes Turkey have contributed to the growth of this sector. But the more success stories that come with the growth rate the more the failure stories. Although the reasons for these failure stories often differ, there are some things in common that firms fail to succeed in e-commerce. In this article, we will explore together the mistakes made by e-commerce companies.

The Failure of Data Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes made by e-commerce firms is that performance metrics, aka KPIs, cannot be tracked correctly. Accurate and effective performance evaluation in many areas, from customer satisfaction measurements to accurate routing of traffic, basket abandonment rate and recycle rate up and down values, will help the brand grow more successfully; inaccurate analysis of these and similar KPIs will directly reduce the brand’s efficiency and the impact of solutions to inefficiencies in sales rates.

Incorrect Resource Management

No matter how high your capital and resources are, if it cannot be managed properly, it can prevent the growth. Unnecessary and wrong advertising expenditures, personal expenses and investments in the wrong place will cause the capital to shrink after a while preventing growth at the same rate.

Not Understanding the Consumer

One of the golden rules of being successful in e-commerce is the management according to the needs of the consumer. Failure to listen to the consumer through both social and other channels will harm the brand and cause loss of customers. User movements can be tracked on the site. User movements can also be analyzed, such as which products, pages or campaigns are visited more often, and where users leave the site. Investigating these actions will be very useful in creating user satisfaction.

Logistics Inadequacy

Users who prefer to shop online want a fast and reliable shopping experience. However, logistics and shipping problems related to the product may cause the user to take a dislike to the brand and damage the brand reputation. For this reason, a company that wants to grow in e-commerce should be able to send the product on time completely and perfectly to the right customer. Also, it should manage all logistics, cargo and return processes correctly.

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