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What are the Reasons Not to Sell in E-Commerce?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons for not making sells in your e-commerce store. If you think that you can not sell products from your e-commerce site, you should consider these suggestions! Opening an e-commerce store with low budgets is quite easy all over the world, and the number of them is greatly high. However, the failure of making sales due to critical errors made by the e-commerce store owner is also very high.

Instant Pop-ups

Pop-ups that show instant sales can be convincing only if your company is a big one or you have high volume sales. In a small e-commerce store, it can betray the trust that you are trying to build.


If you show an Opt-ins form to a potential customer who comes to your e-commerce site as soon as he/she enters the page without creating a membership record, you’ll pull the sales experience from the positive line to the negative and can be abandoned at any time.

Early Discounts

Discount codes or coupons that are designed to persuade customers to purchase can hold a serious place in the marketing plan of your e-commerce site, but the timing of these pop-ups should be set correctly so that the conversion process can take place.

On the customer journey of your e-commerce site, take your time to inform your customers about discounts or campaigns, and set the right time.

Lack of Contact Information

Most stores don’t make it easy to find their contact information, and this is an important issue for customers. Make sure your address and phone number are accessible to your customers.

Inconsistent Price Policy

Keep the price and currency visible all the time. Create pricing in a bright design that contrasts with the background.

Poor Mobile Compliance

If your online store makes it difficult to navigate and purchase on mobile devices, your customers will be uncomfortable. For this reason, you can lose your customers to your competitors.

Exaggerated “About Us” Section

Some non-sales e-commerce stores have an ‘About Us’ page that is far from real judgments. Exaggerated phrases such as ‘’Passionate’’, ‘’incredible’’ or ‘’we will save the world’’ are being used at this section by these non-sales e-commerce stores. Avoid this non-realistic attitude and make realistic judgments. This makes it easier for you to get into the eyes of your customers.

Bad Delivery and Shipping Service

You should keep in mind that online shopping is the main reason for preferring the loss of time to a minimum. You must deliver the product to your customers quickly and with no problems. The most important detail that perfects the sales experience in e-commerce sites is the quality of delivery and cargo service. If your e-commerce site cannot perform such a complex and vital task, and you are making your customers dissatisfied, this may be the reason why your e-commerce site does not make sells. You can solve this problem by working with a logistics partner who is experienced in the field and dealing with customers. Omnitro supports you all the time in the terms of delivery and shipping processes. Just focus on the sale, leave the rest to the power of Omnitro!

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