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The Relationship Between E-Commerce, Logistics and Storage

Today, if you intend to grow with the resources of your e-commerce company and you are also planning to open your warehouse, you should remember that you need to take detailed steps. Because at this point, you will face a process that will exhaust you both in terms of material resources and the required time.

Although the product you sell is unique in terms of the features, it hosts, your customers consider the delivery time and return processes when adding the product to the shopping cart. The elements that make this critical detail more powerful are warehousing and logistics, which are the real reasons for the growth of your business, even though they are in the background.

‘’Did you know that delivery times are one of the major factors in online sales in the e-commerce sector?’’

If you are planning to open a warehouse for your e-commerce site, this is just a very small list of costs that will occur:

Warehouse Rent

Maintenance Expenses

Technical Controls

Shelves, Pallets, Packaging Machines

Mobile Equipment Purchase (Forklifts, Transport Vehicles)

IT Systems

Service Costs

Inspection of the shelves and their repairment


Electricity, Heating (These costs may be high if you do not have a warehouse which was set up under the standard storage conditions or if the stored products must be preserved under special conditions)

In particular, newly established e-commerce sites may miscalculate business plan costs or see some costs as insignificant due to their strategic inexperience. However, some details that may seem trivial may then be a huge burden on the company’s budget. Therefore, in the first stage, it is necessary to work hard to optimize and reduce the cost of the storage unit.

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