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The Impact of Logistics on E-Commerce

According to the ‘’E-Commerce Report of Turkey’’, prepared by TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) in 2017, the e-commerce volume, which reached 17.5 billion Turkish Liras, is expected to grow twice as much. This inevitable rise of e-commerce undoubtedly increases the importance of logistics companies that do their job well. In particular, e-commerce companies that attach importance to logistics processes and increase customer satisfaction are more successful in the e-commerce sector in the long run.

Logistics and E-Commerce

To briefly explain the position of logistics in the online shopping process, we can specify these processes: The product or products is/are ordered online by the user at first. Then the relevant order form reaches both the company’s information unit and the logistics company that holds the stocks of the company at the same time.

At the next stage, the ordered product is packaged by the logistics company and made ready for the delivery. Later, it is delivered to the contracted cargo company. At this point, the vendor does not have to deal with anything; the logistics company manages the whole business alone. Even in the smallest order processing, the logistics factor takes on the major role of shopping by taking part in several times.

Of course, logistics alone is not enough to ensure sustainability in the online shopping sector, but the fact that a company, which maintains its existence through e-commerce, and is able to manage all logistics processes correctly and in a healthy way will ensure growth and success.

“It is inevitable for companies that do not give sufficient importance to logistics activities to fall behind their competitors and experience commercial losses.”

Another importance of logistics in terms of e-commerce is customer satisfaction. According to the survey, 44% of end-users are deleting the shopping cart due to the estimated delivery time specified during online shopping.

The reason for this is that the user, who already chose a fast shopping mode, does not want to waste time in delivery. Again, the correct management of logistics processes plays a key role in increasing the sales volume of the companies.

Considering all of these, it is very important for a company that wants to be successful in e-commerce activities to follow a customer-oriented policy in order to achieve success in the field of logistics. In this way, customer loyalty can be created by providing customer satisfaction, and rational growth in the e-commerce sector can be achieved by maintaining brand reputation.

Today, with Omnitro, which combines the logistics capability for the needs of all e-commerce companies with technology, you can strengthen your place in the e-commerce sector and increase customer satisfaction.

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