Like an Orchestra Conductor

Omnitro manages all the key points of e-commerce. Omnitro automates and simplifies the entire process with end-to-end service from receiving goods to e-invoice creation. All you have to do is connect your sales channels to Omnitro and send your products to our warehouse.

We integrate everywhere

You can transfer dozens of online platforms to Omnitro with one click, and enjoy managing e-commerce logistics from a single platform.


You can add the sales data of your online stores in the world-famous online shop Shopify to Omnitro with a single click.


You can automatically view orders for sites that you have created through WooCommerce.


If you have integrated your sales channels via Stockmount, your work at Omnitro is much more comfortable.


Your shop at n11, which is Turkey’s the most famous open market platform, can be defined automatically.


You can view your sales within HepsiBurada, one of the most powerful companies in the area of online shopping in Turkey, through Omnitro.


Your stores in the Amazon, which redefines online sales in the world, are at Omnitro by just one touch of a button.


Omnitro automatically creates your e-invoices through Paraşüt, which is Turkey’s most widely used accounting program.


You can view the sales of your products in your ”Magento” based e-commerce platform on Omnitro.


Ticimax, which provides professional support about software for e-commerce sites, is also integrated with Omnitro.

There is no limit to the integration with the “OPEN API”

We do not just integrate; we can integrate with ”Open API” wherever you want. We allow you to integrate us wherever you want for the integrations that we cannot provide automatically.

Once integrated with Omnitro, your e-commerce logistics processes can be managed, and become active and flexible with our cloud-based platform.

You can easily send your products to our warehouse

To create a receiving order, all you have to do is to enter Omnitro from your internet browser and choose which products to send to our warehouse from your product catalog. From the moment the receiving order is issued, Omnitro is ready to accept your products in the warehouse. If you wish, you can send the products to us by the shipment, or Omnitro can come and pick up.

You can edit your products and make sales analysis

You can reach detailed information about all the products in your catalog through Omnitro. You can create and modify products on Omnitro. You can instantly see how long it is in stock, and you can reach the sales performance of the product and the list of customers who have bought it.

You can follow every step of your orders.

With Omnitro, you can view all orders from your multiple sales channels in real-time from a single screen. You can find detailed information about each order. You can create an independent-order, not from the sales channels, and send it to an address of your choice. You can monitor the order preparation step by step in real-time and edit or cancel the order. Also, you can receive the cargo tracking numbers of your completed orders.

With the finance interface, you can plan today and tomorrow.

With Omnitro’s financial display, you can check your use of the service package in real-time. So, you don’t have to pay for any surprises. You can see how much additional charges will be charged to your bill if the package is overdue. You can evaluate your performance by looking at your contracts, usage information and billing history. If you feel that your package is no longer sufficient, you can switch to a more comprehensive package with a single click.

We are continuously developing and improving

We support all major e-commerce sites with continuously new additions.

You are invited to our warehouse tour to learn more about our technology and processes.