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Choosing the Right E-Commerce Software

You can also work with a web developer for your E-Commerce site, but high costs can affect your growth rate. Choosing an improved, readily available e-commerce platform will benefit you both in terms of time and money.

In this article, we will cover some important information to consider when choosing the best e-commerce platform for your business.

Pricing and Payment

Almost all platforms worldwide monthly remuneration while it is taken annually in Turkey. Costs may vary depending on the type of platform purchased (Server Cost, Add-ons, etc.). You should also consider the transaction fees associated with the platform. For the sake of a lower price, don’t sacrifice what you need.

For the best results, try to weigh the pros and cons of each platform. You should also consider how your customers will pay. Some platforms do not offer payment to the third-party vendors (such as Payu, İpara and İyzico), while others are compatible with integration.


Another factor to consider when looking at E-Commerce infrastructure providers is integration and add-ons. Platforms such as Shopify have many tools for running your business. The needs of your business will be conclusive in deciding which extensions are right for you. When looking at different platforms, think deeply about what tools you will need, and do not sacrifice what you need.

SEO Compatibility

There are some points that you need to consider when looking for an SEO-compliant platform:

  • Ability to adding a blog into your website
  • SEO friendly URL structure
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Page and site speed
  • Unique title and page descriptions

Mobile Design

Mobile usability is very significant for e-commerce. Conversions will be even better on a mobile website that is accessible and available from every device and browser. Did you know that about 60% of calls are made from mobile devices? For clothing-oriented e-commerce sites, this rate is around 80%.

Security & SSL

While most e-commerce software today has a robust security infrastructure as standard, you should be sure that your infrastructure supports secure sales (HTTPS / SSL) for your customers.

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What Do E-Commerce Companies Do Wrongly?

In the e-commerce sector in recent years, many investments and process of purchase, which includes Turkey have contributed to the growth of this sector. But the more success stories that come with the growth rate the more the failure stories. Although the reasons for these failure stories often differ, there are some things in common that firms fail to succeed in e-commerce. In this article, we will explore together the mistakes made by e-commerce companies.

The Failure of Data Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes made by e-commerce firms is that performance metrics, aka KPIs, cannot be tracked correctly. Accurate and effective performance evaluation in many areas, from customer satisfaction measurements to accurate routing of traffic, basket abandonment rate and recycle rate up and down values, will help the brand grow more successfully; inaccurate analysis of these and similar KPIs will directly reduce the brand’s efficiency and the impact of solutions to inefficiencies in sales rates.

Incorrect Resource Management

No matter how high your capital and resources are, if it cannot be managed properly, it can prevent the growth. Unnecessary and wrong advertising expenditures, personal expenses and investments in the wrong place will cause the capital to shrink after a while preventing growth at the same rate.

Not Understanding the Consumer

One of the golden rules of being successful in e-commerce is the management according to the needs of the consumer. Failure to listen to the consumer through both social and other channels will harm the brand and cause loss of customers. User movements can be tracked on the site. User movements can also be analyzed, such as which products, pages or campaigns are visited more often, and where users leave the site. Investigating these actions will be very useful in creating user satisfaction.

Logistics Inadequacy

Users who prefer to shop online want a fast and reliable shopping experience. However, logistics and shipping problems related to the product may cause the user to take a dislike to the brand and damage the brand reputation. For this reason, a company that wants to grow in e-commerce should be able to send the product on time completely and perfectly to the right customer. Also, it should manage all logistics, cargo and return processes correctly.

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What is E-Commerce Logistics or E-Logistics?

Have you ever received the wrong delivery of a product you purchased online? What should the e-commerce companies do to eliminate this annoying situation that almost everyone has faced?

The online shopping process has a significant role in the life of every e-commerce customer because it has both cost advantages and simple affordability. With the increasing consumer demand, and the inexperience of e-commerce companies in these processes bring e-commerce companies to the middle of a very costly problem, which cannot be solved, such as complex logistics, storage and return processes.

The two main factors at the starting point of this question are the mismanagement of the process by the e-commerce companies and fear of the costs by working with a logistics partner. However, the resulting error and loss of time are perhaps more than what they would give to a logistics partner working on e-commerce logistics.

In this article, we will learn exactly what e-commerce logistics, or aka e-logistics, services mean for companies who are afraid of the cost factor.

What is e-commerce logistics or e-logistics? How do we define it?

E-commerce logistics, or e-logistics, does product management for the e-commerce companies that offer online shopping experience, the control of these e-commerce companies’ products, warehousing and return processes to be outsourced to an expert logistics partner in this field. With this regard, e-commerce logistics has been carried out by a logistics partner during all of these processes.

An accurate e-commerce logistics partner or e-logistics partner stores the products you sell on the internet, packages your orders, manages the shipping and the returned ones.

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Why E-Commerce Sites Can’t Grow?

Failure to Meeting Market Conditions

In the last few years, as a result of the rapid growth of the economy, products adapted to the needs of different groups or consumer segments have been introduced to the e-commerce market in abundance. With this regard, the demand for products that meet the basic needs of the market has reached a certain saturation point.

In this case, the first solution that e-commerce companies had in mind was to offer a pleasant product aimed at the average customer in the market. However, the most critical factor in this product presentation is whether the product is compatible with the structure and resources of e-commerce companies. Due to the incompatibility at this point, the performance of the product may be incomplete in responding to market demands, and severe financial problems may occur.

Incompatibility with Competitive Conditions

Turkey’s e-commerce industry, when it examined the growth of the last few years, has a severe growth trend. Yet, this growth also leads to more intense and aggressive competitive conditions. In a market environment where there is intense competition, competition strategies based on product price rather than service quality are developed. For this reason, the bankruptcy of companies that are unable to provide sufficient financial resources after a certain period is inevitable. The main point is to focus on the intense competition in price policy on customer satisfaction. This can have beneficial and profitable results.

Not Understanding the Customer

Being in the e-commerce sector is not just about selling a product over the internet, you should also know the trends and likes of your existing customers so that you can arrange your sales policy and variety of services to make them happier.

Material Resource Problems

Remember that with the money you earn from the products you sell through your e-commerce site, you also have to pay the salaries and meet the needs of employees who keep your website alive! You should follow the pricing policy in a serious order and follow-up in your e-commerce sales so that things don’t get out of your control and management.

Uncontrolled Fast Growth

Growth in business is always seen as positive, but you should remember that sometimes situations that seem to be positive can leave you with difficulties. Failures in product deliveries, uncontrolled attitudes of employees, stress, and workload are just a few of the significant disadvantages of rapid growth. The reputation of your business may be severely affected, and you can face a difficult situation.

Wrong Logistics and Cargo Operation

Today, the most important part of internet shopping satisfaction rates among consumers is logistics operations. Logistics operations are the processes of action after ordering. Logistics operations are not only responsible for the product being prepared, packaged, shipped, and sent to the consumer but also affect the future of your business, and the direct success of your sales.

If you do not manage the process of delivering your product to your customers correctly, and you are not working with a competent logistics partner, your customers will stop choosing you no matter how loyal they are.

Whatever you are selling on your e-commerce site, the business world is all about making a profit, and small details have made big financial gains for businesses. By working with Omnitro on e-commerce logistics, you can increase both your earnings and your business efficiency.

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Blockchain Revolution in E-Commerce

Since Bitcoin, the world-famous cryptocurrency, has lost value, new technologies are being developed rapidly to facilitate both online and offline digital payments. With its Blockchain technology, Bitcoin has recently offered faster payments with better protection for customers. For this reason, it is likely to cause major changes in the e-commerce ecosystem and payment methods worldwide.

Blockchain technology continues to evolve with each passing day, both in compliance with traditional payment methods and by preparing itself to change the way we perform transactions. How will Blockchain technology change e-commerce?

Fast Transactions

One of the biggest advantages of using Blockchain for e-commerce is the speed and efficiency of transactions. This is because Blockchain has a technology designed to store process data securely.

Strict Security

As e-commerce volume grows and develops, hackers are more likely to access shoppers’ credit and debit card information. Billions of e-commerce payments are made every year, and the number of customers experiencing credit card fraud is increasing day by day.

“In 2014, 31.8 million US consumers became victims of credit card fraudsters.”

By providing more security, Blockchain prevents fraud and theft. Nodes in Blockchain are automatically created. With these nodes, the cryptocurrencies running on the blockchain are becoming resistant to situations such as cyber attacks, power outages or systematic failures. Crypto coins are more like cash than the cards. Currencies like Bitcoin do not require customers to share their private data during the purchase.

Supply Chain Management

The superior supply chain management, which Blockchain can bring to e-commerce, is another revolutionary process that helps save the market from its current flaws. Since the approved data at Blockchain cannot be changed, a supply chain-oriented Blockchain network can provide an ideal solution for error-free management. An organized blockchain network is the key to supporting a completely transparent supply chain where customers can see the order flow of the products they purchase. This creates a strong foundation in rebuilding consumer confidence and resulting in flawless management in the supply chain.

However, even if you do not use a blockchain, you can have a process that can be continuously monitored and kept transparent through Omnitro. It’s easy to grow your business with Omnitro!

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What are the Reasons Not to Sell in E-Commerce?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons for not making sells in your e-commerce store. If you think that you can not sell products from your e-commerce site, you should consider these suggestions! Opening an e-commerce store with low budgets is quite easy all over the world, and the number of them is greatly high. However, the failure of making sales due to critical errors made by the e-commerce store owner is also very high.

Instant Pop-ups

Pop-ups that show instant sales can be convincing only if your company is a big one or you have high volume sales. In a small e-commerce store, it can betray the trust that you are trying to build.


If you show an Opt-ins form to a potential customer who comes to your e-commerce site as soon as he/she enters the page without creating a membership record, you’ll pull the sales experience from the positive line to the negative and can be abandoned at any time.

Early Discounts

Discount codes or coupons that are designed to persuade customers to purchase can hold a serious place in the marketing plan of your e-commerce site, but the timing of these pop-ups should be set correctly so that the conversion process can take place.

On the customer journey of your e-commerce site, take your time to inform your customers about discounts or campaigns, and set the right time.

Lack of Contact Information

Most stores don’t make it easy to find their contact information, and this is an important issue for customers. Make sure your address and phone number are accessible to your customers.

Inconsistent Price Policy

Keep the price and currency visible all the time. Create pricing in a bright design that contrasts with the background.

Poor Mobile Compliance

If your online store makes it difficult to navigate and purchase on mobile devices, your customers will be uncomfortable. For this reason, you can lose your customers to your competitors.

Exaggerated “About Us” Section

Some non-sales e-commerce stores have an ‘About Us’ page that is far from real judgments. Exaggerated phrases such as ‘’Passionate’’, ‘’incredible’’ or ‘’we will save the world’’ are being used at this section by these non-sales e-commerce stores. Avoid this non-realistic attitude and make realistic judgments. This makes it easier for you to get into the eyes of your customers.

Bad Delivery and Shipping Service

You should keep in mind that online shopping is the main reason for preferring the loss of time to a minimum. You must deliver the product to your customers quickly and with no problems. The most important detail that perfects the sales experience in e-commerce sites is the quality of delivery and cargo service. If your e-commerce site cannot perform such a complex and vital task, and you are making your customers dissatisfied, this may be the reason why your e-commerce site does not make sells. You can solve this problem by working with a logistics partner who is experienced in the field and dealing with customers. Omnitro supports you all the time in the terms of delivery and shipping processes. Just focus on the sale, leave the rest to the power of Omnitro!

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yapay zeka e ticaret

Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce


E-commerce chatbots help buyers to find the right product by checking the stock of products, comparing with other products, and making payment much easier. They are computer-based software that enables you to communicate with customers in a personalized way.

Referral System

Artificial intelligence algorithms in search engines record important details of the product being searched based on the latest searches made by potential customers. Based on the result of the algorithm, the search engine generates appropriate suggestions for the browser and lists these suggestions in the personal dashboard to help find products faster and encourages the purchase action.

Visual Algorithms

In the past, users could not know where to find a product they liked and wanted to buy in real life or in a video they watched. Visual perception technology, which has existed for some time, has begun to reveal its real strength by combining with artificial intelligence and facilitating finding products.

With the help of artificial intelligence-based visual detection technology, it is possible to obtain information about the product and to find out where it is sold through a photograph taken from a smartphone or a screenshot.

Warehouse Automation System

The warehouse automation system, which is a must for the e-retail sector, plays an important role in the company’s decision to sell. Omnitro uses OPLOG’s artificial intelligence and robots to manage all warehouse processes. This ensures speed, efficiency and delivery schedules for products with maximum efficiency.

In summary, although artificial intelligence shapes e-commerce in a limited number; the use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is expected to increase. This increase will allow exceptional expectations to be identified, better customer associations to be established, the gap between personalization and privacy will be closed, and sales increase.

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