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Managing your warehouse or logistics operations steals the time and budget that you have devoted to the sales and marketing of your product.

You may have to open a warehouse due to the increasing sales. However, the operational burden and costs of the warehouse will prevent you from focusing on the essence of your business.

As your order quantity increases or fluctuates, the number of personnel you need to take, the storage space you need and administrative problems increase.

We are ready to use our experience in e-commerce, logistics, and technology to grow your enterprise and open it to the world.

While you are focusing on product development, sales, and marketing activities, Omnitro can do the works such as finding a warehouse to protect your products, order preparation, and the shipment.

It won't make it harder for you to grow your business. More storage space and staff for picking up the orders are waiting for you at Omnitro.

You will be globalized by sending your cargo not only domestic but also abroad at the discounted prices.

We have the labor force, the physical environment, and technological opportunities to meet the instant increases or fluctuations in your sales.

You can get help from our expert software developers and e-logistics plenipotentiaries at any time.

We continuously optimize our processes and equip ourselves with the new technologies; Of course, we do it on your behalf.

In our warehouses, your products are being protected under the same safety standards as our global customers.

This is the best decision we've ever made in the e-commerce business. We often get the ‘the best e-commerce experience I've ever seen’ from our customers. The reason is not the Cherry-e brand, but Omnitro. Omnitro made all our e-commerce business so easy.

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