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Should E-Commerce Sites Remove Negative Product Reviews?

Negative product reviews are a challenge for anyone doing online business,, and they reduce the motivation of many business owners. Business owners are sometimes so angry with these comments that they try to destroy them. But how right is it to do that?

Do negative reviews always harm the business?

Once you acknowledge that negative reviews are inevitable, you should take a series of strategic measures on how to deal with them. The most important thing you should understand is that it is impossible to remove every negative comment on the internet.

Some negative product reviews should be removed!

Comments that contain profanity humiliating your business or service and dishonest comments should be removed. If it is not possible to remove these negative comments, ignore them, or make a neutral solution as soon as possible and stop responding.

‘’Negative reviews and comments can be an opportunity to learn from customers what you can do better, train customers, and demonstrate your excellence in customer service.’’

Negative comments and product reviews express dissatisfaction. They represent a customer’s view of your product or company. This information is especially important if you have more than one same complaint. A negative review may also indicate that the customer has the wrong impression of the product which has been purchased. In this case, you can review the product replacement or the product presentation – if there is a problem.

If the complaint is based on misunderstanding or misuse of the product, a negative review provides you with an opportunity to educate the customers who inspect and future customers. For example, if a customer buys a tool and complains that it is not suitable for a particular use, you can suggest an alternative product or tell him/her why the product they purchased is not suitable for them.

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