Your supply chain is now under control

Omnitro automates and gives control of logistics processes to e-commerce companies. Let’s show you how Omnitro will increase the market share of your company.

By becoming a member, connect your sales channels to Omnitro and send your products to our warehouse.

It is easy to integrate your sales channels into Omnitro. After integration, it is enough to add your products over the system and send them to our warehouse.

We will take your products and store them in an addressable and secure way.

Whenever your products reach us, they are sent to quality control and later stocked at pre-determined addresses. Here, your stocks can be tracked in real-time. When your stocks decrease, you will be notified.

We will prepare and pack your orders as your sales orders arrive at Omnitro.

As your sales channels are integrated into Omnitro, your orders will start coming to us automatically and instantly. After each order until 14:00 (2:00 PM), the products will be collected on the same day and be packaged according to your wish.

We will ship your packages straight to your customers.

Your orders will be sent in the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable way to your customers with a cargo tracking number. All cargoes can also be tracked in real-time via Omnitro.

You will be able to control and manage the entire process from Omnitro’s cloud-based web interface.

Omnitro empowers you to track all your e-commerce logistics operations from its customized cloud-based platform. It allows you to manage your sales, inventory, and performance metrics while providing you with special analytical reports on the subject.

We are ready, let’s start!

We invite you to our warehouse to discuss face-to-face the specific processes and the prices for your company.

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