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How to Create the Perfect Unpacking Experience?

The story of your brand begins at the point where you first contact the consumer. If you have a plan to leave your customers with unforgettable feelings and give them a real brand experience, you can turn them into ambassadors for your brand with the perfect box opening experience.

The experience of opening a box is more than just making your products look good; it’s about committing your brand’s story to the consumer’s memory. This enables you to successfully communicate with customers as to why they should choose you among the alternatives. This is about emotion as much as the benefit of your product or service.

Long-term customer relationships are more profitable than having to spend the resources that bring them to you. However, establishing these partnerships is not as easy as it seems. According to a study by Bain & Company, approximately 60% – 80% of customers do not return to the same company because of a product or service, even if they have been satisfied before.

‘’This is because brand loyalty does not depend solely on whether the product or service is good. What brings your customers back is the extra impression factor that sets you apart from others.’’

So, how to create the perfect unpacking experience?

Use Branded Boxes

To create a successful box opening experience, the box that you use should not be an ordinary box. You must customize the box for your brand.

Use Unique Packaging Materials

Consumers are more interested in sustainable brands, so you can gain more customer sympathy by choosing your packaging materials from sustainable products. Using sustainable products will give your brand a strong image of ethics and social responsibility.

‘’Do not forget: A great box-opening experience turns into a driving force that your customer is willing to share on social media.’’

Add Personalization

Keep in mind that a handwritten note or other personalization techniques can make your customers feel special.


In a nutshell, success for your e-commerce brand depends on giving an unforgettable experience to keep your customers coming back. How you choose to offer your product is entirely up to you. However, be aware that there will be severe customer loyalty differences between the e-commerce brand, which provides a specialized experience and the non-offer. This is directly proportional to the revenue of your e-commerce business.

If there is anything more important than a perfect can opening experience, it is to deliver your products to your customers in a short time with excellent accuracy. That’s why, if you want to enthrall your customers with both a box-opening and a flawless shopping experience, it’s time to meet Omnitro.

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