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How Should Be ”About Us Page” of the E-Commerce Sites?

Every e-commerce site needs an “About Us” page. In this way, your visitors will meet your company and get to know you better. A few words for an effective ‘’about us’’ page will never be enough. It should contain certain materials, such as images, videos, resumes and experiences that demonstrate your competence. Although this page which tells about you will not receive the highest traffic to your site, the viewers will be users who are willing to work with you and are looking for answers to their questions; so, you must pay attention to your page.

When creating ”About Us” page for your e-commerce site, make sure that you do not ignore the following items:

Tell Them Who You Are

Your customers will want to know exactly who they work with. Adding location and address information, especially for smaller internet stores, will make it easier for your customers.

Describe Your Mission

Some companies address to personal needs, while others promise products at more affordable prices. If you are selling special production parts according to your mission, don’t forget to add this information to your page.

Who do you work with?

Add real photos of your employees and your company in order to reflect yourself better and show your transparency. Your customers may have seen these photos on many other companies’ sites. For this reason, you can photograph all employees from managers to beginners in their workspaces, and add these photos to the site.

Who do you support?

Your customers will want to know how you spend your money to help others. When some customers know how good the company is working for, they may feel more sympathy and want to shop more.

Show Your Rewards

List events and rewards that helped you make your name to be known. Be sure to include your official logo and digital certificates.

Don’t Make Fake Advertisements

Your “About Us” page directly influences whether you can establish reliable contact with customers. Personalizing your page and adding color makes an essential part of your shopping experience. This page is not an area for you to market your products.

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