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What is e-commerce logistics or e-logistics services?

It is a set of services that enable you to manage and track goods-in/receiving, storage, order fulfillment, value-added services, distribution, and return management for the e-commerce businesses through a cloud-based interface.

What is the advantage of receiving this service from you?

Flexibility and scalability are everything. Without fixed investments, visible and invisible expenses, you can keep your profitability in a model that you are charged as much as your sales, even if your order quantity decreases. Also, you can continue in a controlled way without making severe investments in a sudden growth. Moreover, you will be carrying out all these after-sales processes professionally and effortlessly. You can devote all your time to marketing activities that will help you to grow your business instead of routine tasks such as packaging and cargo tracking.

Where will my products be stored?

Your products will be kept under the ideal storage conditions, equipped with the latest technology in our storage facilities which are at the pre-determined special locations.

How much product can I store?

Simply put, you can store as many products as you need. To achieve the ideal sales/inventory balance, Omnitro will provide you the reporting that you need.

What if my products are damaged in your warehouse?

Do not worry, your products are carefully stored in the pre-defined locations insured in our warehouses. However, in case of damages to your products due to extraordinary reasons, we will cover the cost.

How will be order fulfillment?

Integration is at the top of everything! Thanks to the integration with your sales channels, the Omnitro team will display your orders simultaneously with you, and start preparing your orders without waiting.

How is the packaging done?

Each product or category may require a separate packaging procedure. By defining all these steps in the system, we do not skip any steps and carefully prepare your order to reach your customers in an accomplished way.

Are packaging materials standard?

If you wish, you can use materials such as box, tape, label, etc. which are produced specially for your brand or we can proceed with the standard packaging materials. We can supply all the consumables that you need according to your preferences.

Do you have special services like gift packaging and greeting cards?

Yes. We can pack and ship your products with value-added services that you specifically want. If you wish, we can make gift packages and write greeting cards or stick labels such as warranty labels on your products.

Is there a minimum number of orders?

Absolutely not. From the first day, whenever you start your operation, we will be with you no matter what your sales volume is.

How do I track the inventory?

You can instantly view all your stock through Omnitro, and reflect your actual stock quantities to your sales channels.

What about my returns?

Your return orders are fulfilled by our team and are allocated to the return stock after the required checks. With Omnitro, you can view each returned product and select the actions to be applied.

Should I make a cargo deal?

Not with us. We offer you the most advantageous shipping rates. Moreover, we gladly carry out process monitoring until your products reach your customers.

What if my product will be disappeared?

Our storage facilities are being protected 24/7 with the high-level security measures, and your products are being covered by insurance. In spite of this, we take full responsibility in case of a mishap.

What if my product will be damaged?

With our experienced packaging personnel and warehouse team, we approach your products with maximum care and strive to avoid any damages. All damages and losses that may occur during storage, packaging or distribution are covered by the insurance.

Will I make a commitment?

Although we prefer long-term cooperation with all our business partners, you can terminate the service at any time.

Will you buy my products?

Your products are yours during the time they are in our warehouse and are not purchased by us.

Will you sell my products?

Selling the products is your responsibility and duty. Our job is to prepare the products that you sell and to deliver them to your customers.

Who are you working with?

We have many business partners of all scales and different categories. You can see some of our satisfied business partners on the ‘’Customers’’ page, and learn their thoughts about us.

Do you provide e-invoice services?

Yes. Thanks to our Paraşüt integration, your e-invoices are generated automatically and sent to your customer via e-mail.

Do you provide a shipping tracking number?

Yes. We send the tracking number that we received from UPS to your site with integration and write it into order information. We also inform your customer by e-mail. Thus, both you and your customer can easily follow the order.

Is order cancellation and refund possible?

Yes. Your customers or you can cancel orders from your site. Canceled orders are re-stocked. You can check the images of the received products on the website for deciding about the products returned to our warehouse whether to accept or not of the return request, to be re-stocked or to be scrapped.

Do you have cash or credit card payment service at the door?

Yes. Thanks to our integration, you can receive your order at the customer’s door with the instruction we give to UPS.

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