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E-Commerce and Colour Psychology

According to a study conducted by the Seoul International Colour Expo, more than 92% of people say that color plays a significant role when buying products. Believe it or not, only 6% of customers say that their sense of touch plays an important role, while their sense of smell and hearing corresponds to 1%.

Further research conducted by the Colour Research Institute has shown that shoppers are unconsciously judging people, the environment, and the product in the first two minutes of the first inspection. 60% – 90% makes a color-based assessment only. Therefore, catching the customer’s eye with a quick color scheme is an integral part of e-commerce success.

Meaning of colors;


Brown is a strong and reliable color that gives shoppers more confidence. If it will be used in the right amount, it can help transform a potential lead into a customer.


Orange radiates greed and energetic warmth. It also represents passion, originality, and new beginnings. If orange will be paired with cool shades of blue, it will be positive and exciting.


Yellow is a cheerful and fun color that catches the attention of customers. However, it should be used moderately.


The green color has a natural and organic aura. So, it is thought to be very easy. When shoppers see green, they relate it to relaxation, safety, and harmony.


Although pink is often associated with women, it can also appeal to men because it radiates good-hearted romance and love. Pink has a calming effect. It can, therefore, be used to compensate for more aggressive colors such as black, orange and red.


Red touches the deepest and the most important feelings of shoppers. Since it is often associated with love, life and trust, potential buyers can turn into lifelong customers if used correctly.


Purple has long been associated with royalty, power, and prosperity. The smart use of this color can help the customer make a positive purchase.


Blue conveys feelings of trust, peace, and productivity.


Grey is often associated with seriousness and a conservative mindset. Accurate shades of grey can serve as a great background for more vivid colors such as orange, red and dark blue.


White shows purity, tolerance, and clarity, and is essential for most web pages.


The influence of black is associated with its power and dominance. When black is used in e-commerce, it sends a confident message to potential customers. Excessive use can create a light and gloomy environment, so it should be used fairly along with other calm colors.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs do not know that the variety of colors they use on their websites can significantly affect their customers’ moods. You should know that choosing the right colors makes the difference between having a customer coming in and having a one-time customer.

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The Relationship Between E-Commerce, Logistics and Storage

Today, if you intend to grow with the resources of your e-commerce company and you are also planning to open your warehouse, you should remember that you need to take detailed steps. Because at this point, you will face a process that will exhaust you both in terms of material resources and the required time.

Although the product you sell is unique in terms of the features, it hosts, your customers consider the delivery time and return processes when adding the product to the shopping cart. The elements that make this critical detail more powerful are warehousing and logistics, which are the real reasons for the growth of your business, even though they are in the background.

‘’Did you know that delivery times are one of the major factors in online sales in the e-commerce sector?’’

If you are planning to open a warehouse for your e-commerce site, this is just a very small list of costs that will occur:

Warehouse Rent

Maintenance Expenses

Technical Controls

Shelves, Pallets, Packaging Machines

Mobile Equipment Purchase (Forklifts, Transport Vehicles)

IT Systems

Service Costs

Inspection of the shelves and their repairment


Electricity, Heating (These costs may be high if you do not have a warehouse which was set up under the standard storage conditions or if the stored products must be preserved under special conditions)

In particular, newly established e-commerce sites may miscalculate business plan costs or see some costs as insignificant due to their strategic inexperience. However, some details that may seem trivial may then be a huge burden on the company’s budget. Therefore, in the first stage, it is necessary to work hard to optimize and reduce the cost of the storage unit.

We developed Omnitro so that e-commerce companies can only focus on their business and achieve their goals quickly, with no expense and no hassle. You can now focus on growing your business by avoiding unnecessary costs and time losses.

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Blockchain Revolution in E-Commerce

Since Bitcoin, the world-famous cryptocurrency, has lost value, new technologies are being developed rapidly to facilitate both online and offline digital payments. With its Blockchain technology, Bitcoin has recently offered faster payments with better protection for customers. For this reason, it is likely to cause major changes in the e-commerce ecosystem and payment methods worldwide.

Blockchain technology continues to evolve with each passing day, both in compliance with traditional payment methods and by preparing itself to change the way we perform transactions. How will Blockchain technology change e-commerce?

Fast Transactions

One of the biggest advantages of using Blockchain for e-commerce is the speed and efficiency of transactions. This is because Blockchain has a technology designed to store process data securely.

Strict Security

As e-commerce volume grows and develops, hackers are more likely to access shoppers’ credit and debit card information. Billions of e-commerce payments are made every year, and the number of customers experiencing credit card fraud is increasing day by day.

“In 2014, 31.8 million US consumers became victims of credit card fraudsters.”

By providing more security, Blockchain prevents fraud and theft. Nodes in Blockchain are automatically created. With these nodes, the cryptocurrencies running on the blockchain are becoming resistant to situations such as cyber attacks, power outages or systematic failures. Crypto coins are more like cash than the cards. Currencies like Bitcoin do not require customers to share their private data during the purchase.

Supply Chain Management

The superior supply chain management, which Blockchain can bring to e-commerce, is another revolutionary process that helps save the market from its current flaws. Since the approved data at Blockchain cannot be changed, a supply chain-oriented Blockchain network can provide an ideal solution for error-free management. An organized blockchain network is the key to supporting a completely transparent supply chain where customers can see the order flow of the products they purchase. This creates a strong foundation in rebuilding consumer confidence and resulting in flawless management in the supply chain.

However, even if you do not use a blockchain, you can have a process that can be continuously monitored and kept transparent through Omnitro. It’s easy to grow your business with Omnitro!

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How to Create the Perfect Unpacking Experience?

The story of your brand begins at the point where you first contact the consumer. If you have a plan to leave your customers with unforgettable feelings and give them a real brand experience, you can turn them into ambassadors for your brand with the perfect box opening experience.

The experience of opening a box is more than just making your products look good; it’s about committing your brand’s story to the consumer’s memory. This enables you to successfully communicate with customers as to why they should choose you among the alternatives. This is about emotion as much as the benefit of your product or service.

Long-term customer relationships are more profitable than having to spend the resources that bring them to you. However, establishing these partnerships is not as easy as it seems. According to a study by Bain & Company, approximately 60% – 80% of customers do not return to the same company because of a product or service, even if they have been satisfied before.

‘’This is because brand loyalty does not depend solely on whether the product or service is good. What brings your customers back is the extra impression factor that sets you apart from others.’’

So, how to create the perfect unpacking experience?

Use Branded Boxes

To create a successful box opening experience, the box that you use should not be an ordinary box. You must customize the box for your brand.

Use Unique Packaging Materials

Consumers are more interested in sustainable brands, so you can gain more customer sympathy by choosing your packaging materials from sustainable products. Using sustainable products will give your brand a strong image of ethics and social responsibility.

‘’Do not forget: A great box-opening experience turns into a driving force that your customer is willing to share on social media.’’

Add Personalization

Keep in mind that a handwritten note or other personalization techniques can make your customers feel special.


In a nutshell, success for your e-commerce brand depends on giving an unforgettable experience to keep your customers coming back. How you choose to offer your product is entirely up to you. However, be aware that there will be severe customer loyalty differences between the e-commerce brand, which provides a specialized experience and the non-offer. This is directly proportional to the revenue of your e-commerce business.

If there is anything more important than a perfect can opening experience, it is to deliver your products to your customers in a short time with excellent accuracy. That’s why, if you want to enthrall your customers with both a box-opening and a flawless shopping experience, it’s time to meet Omnitro.

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What are the Reasons Not to Sell in E-Commerce?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons for not making sells in your e-commerce store. If you think that you can not sell products from your e-commerce site, you should consider these suggestions! Opening an e-commerce store with low budgets is quite easy all over the world, and the number of them is greatly high. However, the failure of making sales due to critical errors made by the e-commerce store owner is also very high.

Instant Pop-ups

Pop-ups that show instant sales can be convincing only if your company is a big one or you have high volume sales. In a small e-commerce store, it can betray the trust that you are trying to build.


If you show an Opt-ins form to a potential customer who comes to your e-commerce site as soon as he/she enters the page without creating a membership record, you’ll pull the sales experience from the positive line to the negative and can be abandoned at any time.

Early Discounts

Discount codes or coupons that are designed to persuade customers to purchase can hold a serious place in the marketing plan of your e-commerce site, but the timing of these pop-ups should be set correctly so that the conversion process can take place.

On the customer journey of your e-commerce site, take your time to inform your customers about discounts or campaigns, and set the right time.

Lack of Contact Information

Most stores don’t make it easy to find their contact information, and this is an important issue for customers. Make sure your address and phone number are accessible to your customers.

Inconsistent Price Policy

Keep the price and currency visible all the time. Create pricing in a bright design that contrasts with the background.

Poor Mobile Compliance

If your online store makes it difficult to navigate and purchase on mobile devices, your customers will be uncomfortable. For this reason, you can lose your customers to your competitors.

Exaggerated “About Us” Section

Some non-sales e-commerce stores have an ‘About Us’ page that is far from real judgments. Exaggerated phrases such as ‘’Passionate’’, ‘’incredible’’ or ‘’we will save the world’’ are being used at this section by these non-sales e-commerce stores. Avoid this non-realistic attitude and make realistic judgments. This makes it easier for you to get into the eyes of your customers.

Bad Delivery and Shipping Service

You should keep in mind that online shopping is the main reason for preferring the loss of time to a minimum. You must deliver the product to your customers quickly and with no problems. The most important detail that perfects the sales experience in e-commerce sites is the quality of delivery and cargo service. If your e-commerce site cannot perform such a complex and vital task, and you are making your customers dissatisfied, this may be the reason why your e-commerce site does not make sells. You can solve this problem by working with a logistics partner who is experienced in the field and dealing with customers. Omnitro supports you all the time in the terms of delivery and shipping processes. Just focus on the sale, leave the rest to the power of Omnitro!

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The Impact of Logistics on E-Commerce

According to the ‘’E-Commerce Report of Turkey’’, prepared by TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) in 2017, the e-commerce volume, which reached 17.5 billion Turkish Liras, is expected to grow twice as much. This inevitable rise of e-commerce undoubtedly increases the importance of logistics companies that do their job well. In particular, e-commerce companies that attach importance to logistics processes and increase customer satisfaction are more successful in the e-commerce sector in the long run.

Logistics and E-Commerce

To briefly explain the position of logistics in the online shopping process, we can specify these processes: The product or products is/are ordered online by the user at first. Then the relevant order form reaches both the company’s information unit and the logistics company that holds the stocks of the company at the same time.

At the next stage, the ordered product is packaged by the logistics company and made ready for the delivery. Later, it is delivered to the contracted cargo company. At this point, the vendor does not have to deal with anything; the logistics company manages the whole business alone. Even in the smallest order processing, the logistics factor takes on the major role of shopping by taking part in several times.

Of course, logistics alone is not enough to ensure sustainability in the online shopping sector, but the fact that a company, which maintains its existence through e-commerce, and is able to manage all logistics processes correctly and in a healthy way will ensure growth and success.

“It is inevitable for companies that do not give sufficient importance to logistics activities to fall behind their competitors and experience commercial losses.”

Another importance of logistics in terms of e-commerce is customer satisfaction. According to the survey, 44% of end-users are deleting the shopping cart due to the estimated delivery time specified during online shopping.

The reason for this is that the user, who already chose a fast shopping mode, does not want to waste time in delivery. Again, the correct management of logistics processes plays a key role in increasing the sales volume of the companies.

Considering all of these, it is very important for a company that wants to be successful in e-commerce activities to follow a customer-oriented policy in order to achieve success in the field of logistics. In this way, customer loyalty can be created by providing customer satisfaction, and rational growth in the e-commerce sector can be achieved by maintaining brand reputation.

Today, with Omnitro, which combines the logistics capability for the needs of all e-commerce companies with technology, you can strengthen your place in the e-commerce sector and increase customer satisfaction.

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E-Commerce Opportunities in the Middle East

There are many reasons why e-commerce traders see the Middle East as an alternative and a market with great potential. If you are engaged in e-commerce and want to improve your business, starting from the Middle East can be a very smart move. Compared to other regions, the Middle East, which is the fastest-growing region in e-commerce, has increased its sales volume by 1500% in the last 10 years. This remarkable increase in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, clearly demonstrates the potential for advanced e-commerce in the region.

More than 60% of those living in the United Arab Emirates and about 50% of those living in Saudi Arabia shop online on foreign websites, with an average basket amount of around $ 300.

The Youngest Population in the Middle East

In the United Arab Emirates, 64% of the population is younger than 31 years, while in Saudi Arabia 75% of the population is younger than 35 years. These two regional leaders have a demographic structure of the young population who are more inclined to online shopping. Most of the online shoppers in the United Arab Emirates are under the age of 31.

This young generation in the Middle East is actively using social media to find new products and share what they love. Companies that market the products or provide online services such as hotel and airplane booking are able to achieve very profitable results with their operations in the Middle East. The biggest potential underlying these results is that young people are active internet users.

The fact that more than half of the online purchases are made via smartphone shows that the mobile e-commerce potential in the Middle East is a point to be taken into consideration definitely.

“If e-commerce companies are not ready to sell on mobile, they are not ready to open to the Middle East too.”

According to a survey conducted by PAYFORT, one of the most used payment platforms in the Middle East, 42% of the mass of internet shopping is under the influence of Instagram while shopping online. This unleashes the digital potential of the Middle East in terms of advertising strategies.

The Most Intense Campaign Season is Ramadan

Ramazan Month, which is the peak season of e-commerce companies, offers a serious market advantage for companies that will start e-commerce from the Middle East. In this period, internet sales increase by 15% in Saudi Arabia and by 24% in the United Arab Emirates, while consumers in the United Arab Emirates generally shop for apparel, electronics, and jewelry from the US retailers.

Different Payment Options

Compared to the United States of America, where customers prefer to pay over the Internet, customers in the Middle East are more inclined to pay at the door. Whether it’s an online payment system such as a credit card or Paypal, e-commerce companies that are wishing to enter the Middle East market should be prepared to sell in line with all possible payment options.

But most importantly, to reduce the amount of risk to be taken when opening to new markets as much as possible and, therefore, to find reliable partners. With Omnitro, you can focus on your growth in this new market you are opening, and you don’t have to deal with the logistics process.

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4 Magical Words That Increase Sales

Thanks to the recent studies in the field of behavioral economics, psychology and neuromarketing to address consumer principles, ‘’four (4)’’ words have come to light, and have clearly demonstrated their impact. These words strongly engage the subconscious of consumers and significantly increase your chances of selling your products to them. Be sure to use these 4 words in your marketing texts and e-commerce product descriptions in order to increase your purchase conversions. You will clearly see the difference:


Your customers want to feel that you are talking directly to them, and the word ‘’you’’ does so much better than other words. A strong subconscious connection is created when promotions and advertisements focus directly on “us”.

Take a look at all of your e-commerce product descriptions, and make sure you address your potential customers directly and create texts that emphasize solutions to the problems. Use “you”, “yours” and similar forms of these pronouns in order to connect with your customers and increase your sales potential.


The slogan “a new design with new technology” is used for every new iPhone model, even if it looks the same as the previous one. Consumers have a positive relationship with everything new. They always want a new car, new clothes, and the latest technology. In the products you sell on your e-commerce site, you should make as much new emphasis as possible.


The word ‘’free’’ is not just a price; it is a powerful emotional trigger and a source of irrational excitement. So, be sure to use the word ‘’free’’ and service in your shipping options above a certain purchase threshold in your e-commerce store.


Securing purchases reduces the likelihood of losses and has a significant positive impact on your sales. Give your customers a sense of trust with the word ‘’Guaranteed’’ and implement a marketing and operational strategy that reinforces this feeling with user experiences.

Paying attention to the use of these words can take you one step further in your business, but you need partners who can grow your business together to be consistently successful. With Omnitro, you can get even closer to achieving your goals.

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yapay zeka e ticaret

Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce


E-commerce chatbots help buyers to find the right product by checking the stock of products, comparing with other products, and making payment much easier. They are computer-based software that enables you to communicate with customers in a personalized way.

Referral System

Artificial intelligence algorithms in search engines record important details of the product being searched based on the latest searches made by potential customers. Based on the result of the algorithm, the search engine generates appropriate suggestions for the browser and lists these suggestions in the personal dashboard to help find products faster and encourages the purchase action.

Visual Algorithms

In the past, users could not know where to find a product they liked and wanted to buy in real life or in a video they watched. Visual perception technology, which has existed for some time, has begun to reveal its real strength by combining with artificial intelligence and facilitating finding products.

With the help of artificial intelligence-based visual detection technology, it is possible to obtain information about the product and to find out where it is sold through a photograph taken from a smartphone or a screenshot.

Warehouse Automation System

The warehouse automation system, which is a must for the e-retail sector, plays an important role in the company’s decision to sell. Omnitro uses OPLOG’s artificial intelligence and robots to manage all warehouse processes. This ensures speed, efficiency and delivery schedules for products with maximum efficiency.

In summary, although artificial intelligence shapes e-commerce in a limited number; the use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is expected to increase. This increase will allow exceptional expectations to be identified, better customer associations to be established, the gap between personalization and privacy will be closed, and sales increase.

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e ticaret sorunları

9 E-Commerce Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Do

Costs of Cargo & Logistics

Many companies ignore tactically the option to free the cargo. There is no problem in paying minimum amounts of freight, but always offer free shipping for a certain amount, after which you can make a profit. Let’s say you have an undecided customer. He/she is considering buying a product for 20 Turkish Liras. If you offer a free shipping option over 30 Turkish Liras, he/she may choose to buy the other product instead of paying an extra shipping charge.

‘’For specific needs, you can charge your customers for the extra cost to offer faster delivery or a slower shipment at the discounted prices. With these options, you can address many different customers.’’

Poor Quality of Packaging

While it may be wise to spend low amounts of money on packaging, the consequences can be disastrous. You don’t have to devote a large part of your budget to the packaging, but you should pay attention to the safe delivery of the package and you should draw a path accordingly. Some senders use poor quality and unstable products to minimize shipping costs. This often leads to damage to the products in the shipment phase and may damage the brand image.

Not Listening to the Customers

You must get feedback from your customers about product satisfaction. If a large number of your customers have complaints about a particular product, all of those products likely have the same problem. By correcting these problems, you can increase both customer satisfaction and the reputation of your store. Also, you can increase your profits too.

Manual Shipping Process

Throughout the shipping process, monitoring a non-automated and manual process may seem a cheap option, but as your sales increase, this method will cost you more. You must use a shipping program that will make all arrangements and additions, and provide administration. If your needs are more specific, you can also find software that allows you to create your own custom program.

Poor Quality Server

The performance of your store is directly related to your server performance. Therefore, slowing down both in speed and response means losing your current and potential customers.

Trusting the Template

Another mistake made by 90% of those involved in E-Commerce is that they use a single template for all their needs. This is a major problem, especially with software that offers a single solution for every problem. This type of program can cause you many problems. That’s why you have to be certain while answering the following questions before selecting your theme and template:

– Can product pages be edited in case of needs?

– Is it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly?

– Is it easy to use on the phone?

You can choose your template and theme by asking yourself many questions whose main idea is the same as these questions.

Single Payment Method

Not everyone is a credit card user, and if your store only accepts credit card payments, you will lose a lot of customers. With the popularization of the e-wallet concept, it is in your best interest to add various electronic payment options.

Re-marketing Study

If you want to sell at high rates in your store, you should use re-marketing techniques like e-mail marketing and banner ads. It is obvious that online shopping is a fierce race, and you can make a difference by gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Mobile Incompatibility

The most common mistake is not to test the mobile site. Make sure your E-Commerce stores have smooth site navigation, an easy user interface and a design that fits the mobile screen without annoying the user.

Avoiding these mistakes will bring you closer to success and help you get to the best places in the e-commerce industry. It is important to remember that having a reliable logistics partner with you in this process will make you stronger. With Omnitro, you can remove obstacles to growing your business.

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