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Tips to be successful in E-Commerce

As the rising star of recent years, e-commerce is becoming more and more indispensable for brands with the development of technology. E-commerce companies that carry out transactions with online stores offer the easiest way to shop recently. With this regard, they improve the user experience and reduce the advertising expenses and high rental costs of their brands, thus enabling them to have more customers.

However, although e-commerce seems to be an easy method in practice, as with any business, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules in order to be successful in this area.

Here are the tips to be successful in e-commerce;

Easy Shopping

People who visit your site are looking for speed and practicality on your website as they are already there because they prefer a quick and practical exchange. They want to be able to shop easily in minimal steps. Therefore, the more you make it easier to shop for your users, the more your customer satisfaction will increase.

SEO Factor

An e-commerce site created with the right SEO methods increases your web site traffic by enabling you to rank high in search engines. Through SEO, your service or product reaches a point that is noticeable in relevant keyword searches.

Task Planning

Prepare a good business plan by identifying the market on which you will focus. Make a detailed analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks together, and guide your business plan in accordance with this method called SWOT Analysis.

Use Blogs

Having a blog on your e-commerce site allows you to provide information to your potential customers about your business, campaigns, products and services. Today, many successful e-commerce sites have a blog. As the blog provides a positive impact on SEO; it increases brand awareness, and it enables content followers to recognize brands and products over time.

Use Quality Images

When your customers enter your site, they want to buy the products that they want to be able to examine to the finest detail. Putting a single, low-resolution image cannot give information about the product. Also, it shows the site of poor quality, which can lead the customer to stop buying the product. Therefore, you should make your site more useful by adding detailed images that can be enlarged thanks to the quality of the click, in at least 3 sizes and high resolution.

Work with a Logistics Partner

You can be a small e-commerce company. That’s why, you can insist on saving money by storing the products you sell in your warehouse at your home or basement. But the most important point you’ve missed at this stage is your inventory which means the products you sell, your real capital, and when something happens bad to them, the future of your business will be negatively affected. So if you are making growth plans for the e-commerce sector, you have to acquire a warehouse and provide employment and security in there.

“As a logistics partner, Omnitro does all this for you and gives you the opportunity to focus on your business.“

Pay attention to customer satisfaction

Another importance of logistics in terms of e-commerce is customer satisfaction. According to a survey, 44% of end-users are deleting the shopping cart due to the estimated delivery time during online shopping. The reason for this is that the user who chooses a fast shopping does not want to waste time in delivery.

Considering all of these, it is very important for a company that wants to be successful in e-commerce activities to follow a customer-oriented policy to ensure success in logistics. In this way, loyalty can be created by providing customer satisfaction, and balanced growth in the e-commerce sector can be achieved by maintaining brand reputation.


With Omnitro, which combines the ability to meet the needs of all big and small e-commerce companies, you can strengthen your place in the e-commerce sector and increase your customer satisfaction.

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Choosing the Right E-Commerce Software

You can also work with a web developer for your E-Commerce site, but high costs can affect your growth rate. Choosing an improved, readily available e-commerce platform will benefit you both in terms of time and money.

In this article, we will cover some important information to consider when choosing the best e-commerce platform for your business.

Pricing and Payment

Almost all platforms worldwide monthly remuneration while it is taken annually in Turkey. Costs may vary depending on the type of platform purchased (Server Cost, Add-ons, etc.). You should also consider the transaction fees associated with the platform. For the sake of a lower price, don’t sacrifice what you need.

For the best results, try to weigh the pros and cons of each platform. You should also consider how your customers will pay. Some platforms do not offer payment to the third-party vendors (such as Payu, İpara and İyzico), while others are compatible with integration.


Another factor to consider when looking at E-Commerce infrastructure providers is integration and add-ons. Platforms such as Shopify have many tools for running your business. The needs of your business will be conclusive in deciding which extensions are right for you. When looking at different platforms, think deeply about what tools you will need, and do not sacrifice what you need.

SEO Compatibility

There are some points that you need to consider when looking for an SEO-compliant platform:

  • Ability to adding a blog into your website
  • SEO friendly URL structure
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Page and site speed
  • Unique title and page descriptions

Mobile Design

Mobile usability is very significant for e-commerce. Conversions will be even better on a mobile website that is accessible and available from every device and browser. Did you know that about 60% of calls are made from mobile devices? For clothing-oriented e-commerce sites, this rate is around 80%.

Security & SSL

While most e-commerce software today has a robust security infrastructure as standard, you should be sure that your infrastructure supports secure sales (HTTPS / SSL) for your customers.

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5 (Five) E-Commerce Mistakes That You Should Never Do

Are you new in the world of e-commerce? Do you want to create a new online e-commerce store for your brand? According to a survey, most newcomers to e-commerce have been failing due to strong brands such as Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart. If you want to beat these kinds of opponents you should avoid making these 5 (five) mistakes:

Ignoring Mobile Users

If your e-commerce site isn’t suitable for mobile users, you are at the risk of losing 50% of your conversion rates. Did you know that smartphone conversion rates on e-commerce sites are 64% higher than the desktop conversion rates? Recently, when users enter web sites, they prefer tablets or smartphones, and they do their online shopping through these ways.

Technical SEO Problems

Technical SEO Problems lowers your website’s performance and ranks in search engines. Even if general websites and e-commerce sites have more technical problems, the most important critical SEO problems that should be reviewed are;

  • Poorly planned site navigation
  • Making the product page and content the same
  • Weak formatting of website URLs
  • Proper use of 301 and 302 redirections, and canonical tag
  • Dead links or 404 pages
  • Using iFrames and Flash
  • Website download speed
  • Website indexing problems

Customer experience or conversion optimization issues;

  • Building data marking, reviews, and ratings
  • Low-quality product photos
  • Products without product description
  • Lack of cargo and delivery information
  • Not using action calls

50% of website development depends on effective technical SEO improvements. With this regard, you should deal with your technical problems with the help of professionals.”

Choosing the wrong platform or hosting

Choosing the wrong platform for your e-commerce site means that you are dragging yourself into a disaster. When choosing an e-commerce platform for your business, you should consider many things:

  • Control of hardware and software limitations
  • What are the appropriate payment methods for mobile commerce?
  • How much control do you have over your online store?
  • When designing your e-commerce site, you should review all features.

E-commerce platforms and software such as BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify can give you an example of this issue.

Complicated Payment Process

If you want to improve customer experience and increase conversion, you should avoid the complicated payment process. You must eliminate unnecessary steps to prevent the customer from entering unwanted information. In this way, your customers can easily make purchases. You can make the payment process briefly and to the point by providing the option of subscribing by e-mail or phone number and requesting the necessary delivery information.

Lack of ”About Us” and ”Contact” Pages

For the right source of information and customer support, the ”About Us” and ”Contact Us” pages are the must be ones. You must include your contact number and other business information at the bottom of your website.

Poor Customer Service

According to a study, businesses lose $ 75 million due to poor customer service. Customers will probably want to solve their problems immediately without difficulties by e-mail or telephone. Therefore, every e-commerce business needs active customer service.

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Increasing E-Commerce Sales (Part I)

E-commerce brings success when you deliver flawless customer experiences. Moreover, e-commerce sales tend to increase significantly depending on the specific arrangements you make or will make on your e-commerce site.

In this article, we talk about suggestions that you can use to increase sales on your e-commerce site.

Enhance Your Brand Identity

The more people know and trust your brand name, the more your sales increase. So focus on the quality of your internet content, and don’t compromise to improve brand awareness of your e-commerce business.

Create high-quality content, build impressive digital partnerships, and feel free to collaborate with other businesses in your industry. Also, do not neglect paid social media ads, and be as active as possible on social media.

Take Care to Be Everywhere

To direct your potential customers to your e-commerce store, use all the channels you have simultaneously with eye-catching content, and take full advantage of digital marketing to direct potential customers to your site.

Use E-Mail Marketing

In a world where price competition has become the norm, it is more important than ever to be able to communicate directly with customers to encourage repeat purchases. Feel free to use e-mail marketing to build good relationships with your customers. Consistently strengthen your mailing list with potential customers!

Wherever your customers are, you should be there

For example, you can reach your audience by using the power of Facebook ads. This is one of the best ways to attract new potential customers to your online store, turn them into your customers, and make them purchase more in the future.

Test Again and Again

Make an effort to optimize your online store and marketing channels to increase conversion rates. Be sure to use 50+ different test variations in your testing approach to see how changes you make in your online store affect your metrics. If you are trying to run this process through fewer test variations, you are not doing enough trials and tests.

Use Data

Try to develop an appropriate attribution system to have a clear understanding of who you are targeting as customers and to measure the impressiveness of your marketing effectively. For example, when a user visits your site, you can track all pages he/she visits, products he/she clicks on, and automatically submit targeted bids based on his/her activity.

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Increasing E-Commerce Sales (Part II)

Welcome to the second part of our blog post, where we talk about suggestions that you can use to increase sales on your e-commerce site.

Use Segmentation

Streamline your customers’ information in a scalable way by segmenting your customers who are shopping from your e-commerce site between channels in real-time.

Create an atmosphere of passion!

Try to increase the average order amounts of your existing customers and the frequency with which they enter your website.

Find out who your customers are

Try to really understand your customers. This starts with more communication with your customers. If you can do this, you will be able to increase your chances of selling. Once you understand your customers, you can create better ads, launch their favorite products, and almost read their minds.

Low-Cost, High Efficiency

Invest in customer service technology. Many e-commerce customers will feel more satisfied when they can contact a customer service representative, and find solutions to their problems at the end of the communication. As a result of their satisfaction, they will tend to shop from your site in the future.

Trust Marketing and Quality Content

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by providing content to help your target audience become more productive and effective in their business or other aspects of their lives. Integrate your marketing strategy with this content policy.

Eliminate Basic Site Errors

It is a known fact that many customers now are researching on the Internet before they shop. With an e-commerce store, you can not only reach more people by moving your business to the digital world but also creating a sense of trust in many customers. However, in doing so, you must not stay behind your competitors and must try to reduce the basic errors on your site.

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Methods for Prevention of Order Delay in E-Commerce

Many businesses face difficulties in delivering their goods to customers on time. Sometimes the reason for delayed delivery is the customer’s fault. In most cases, however, an e-commerce retailer is often held responsible for delivery delays. Regardless of the situation, some common causes of delivery delays are:

Document Errors

It contains incorrectly typed addresses, erroneously completed order forms, and inadequate information, among others. Customers or retailers may cause this error. Sometimes the vendor is also unable to accurately document orders when handling multiple tasks. When insufficient information is provided to a delivery company, there is a possibility that the package will never reach the customer.

System Failure

E-commerce businesses usually work on a 24/7 basis. If you experience frequent system errors, you cannot respond to orders. This problem will then often lead to delays in delivery.

Weather Forecast

Weather conditions can prevent the fast delivery of products to customers. Severe weather conditions, such as rain, snow and fog, can have consequences that may lead to delays in delivery.

Logistics Issues

Operational inability to meet the high demand for the number of products can lead to delays. When faced with such a situation, the best and most useful for an online store is to work with an expert partner in the e-commerce logistics business.

“It is unlikely that a customer who has a delivery delay on an e-commerce site that he/she orders for the first time will be able to order again from the same e-commerce site.”

Strategies you can use to avoid delivery delays:

  • Minimum / Maximum
    • Determining the minimum delivery time will allow you to prepare your orders reasonably and without feeling under pressure.
  • Current Stock
    • It is clear that some of your regularly sold products are more popular. Therefore, you must update your inventory regularly to replace previously delivered products.
  • Prepare Your Warehouse
    • As your business grows, more orders will be placed. Always keep your warehouse in such a place that products can be easily added to the supply chain.
  • Having a Partner in E-commerce Logistics
    • Utilizing the services of a delivery company is the best way to avoid delivery delays. E-commerce Logistics service means the professional management of your e-commerce site’s storage, packaging, delivery, and the control of the returned product processes together.

Working with a partner who provides e-commerce logistics offers many advantages. It reduces operating costs, improves business focus, increases scalability, and, above all, eliminates delivery delays.

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Why E-Commerce Sites Can’t Grow?

Failure to Meeting Market Conditions

In the last few years, as a result of the rapid growth of the economy, products adapted to the needs of different groups or consumer segments have been introduced to the e-commerce market in abundance. With this regard, the demand for products that meet the basic needs of the market has reached a certain saturation point.

In this case, the first solution that e-commerce companies had in mind was to offer a pleasant product aimed at the average customer in the market. However, the most critical factor in this product presentation is whether the product is compatible with the structure and resources of e-commerce companies. Due to the incompatibility at this point, the performance of the product may be incomplete in responding to market demands, and severe financial problems may occur.

Incompatibility with Competitive Conditions

Turkey’s e-commerce industry, when it examined the growth of the last few years, has a severe growth trend. Yet, this growth also leads to more intense and aggressive competitive conditions. In a market environment where there is intense competition, competition strategies based on product price rather than service quality are developed. For this reason, the bankruptcy of companies that are unable to provide sufficient financial resources after a certain period is inevitable. The main point is to focus on the intense competition in price policy on customer satisfaction. This can have beneficial and profitable results.

Not Understanding the Customer

Being in the e-commerce sector is not just about selling a product over the internet, you should also know the trends and likes of your existing customers so that you can arrange your sales policy and variety of services to make them happier.

Material Resource Problems

Remember that with the money you earn from the products you sell through your e-commerce site, you also have to pay the salaries and meet the needs of employees who keep your website alive! You should follow the pricing policy in a serious order and follow-up in your e-commerce sales so that things don’t get out of your control and management.

Uncontrolled Fast Growth

Growth in business is always seen as positive, but you should remember that sometimes situations that seem to be positive can leave you with difficulties. Failures in product deliveries, uncontrolled attitudes of employees, stress, and workload are just a few of the significant disadvantages of rapid growth. The reputation of your business may be severely affected, and you can face a difficult situation.

Wrong Logistics and Cargo Operation

Today, the most important part of internet shopping satisfaction rates among consumers is logistics operations. Logistics operations are the processes of action after ordering. Logistics operations are not only responsible for the product being prepared, packaged, shipped, and sent to the consumer but also affect the future of your business, and the direct success of your sales.

If you do not manage the process of delivering your product to your customers correctly, and you are not working with a competent logistics partner, your customers will stop choosing you no matter how loyal they are.

Whatever you are selling on your e-commerce site, the business world is all about making a profit, and small details have made big financial gains for businesses. By working with Omnitro on e-commerce logistics, you can increase both your earnings and your business efficiency.

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Should E-Commerce Sites Remove Negative Product Reviews?

Negative product reviews are a challenge for anyone doing online business,, and they reduce the motivation of many business owners. Business owners are sometimes so angry with these comments that they try to destroy them. But how right is it to do that?

Do negative reviews always harm the business?

Once you acknowledge that negative reviews are inevitable, you should take a series of strategic measures on how to deal with them. The most important thing you should understand is that it is impossible to remove every negative comment on the internet.

Some negative product reviews should be removed!

Comments that contain profanity humiliating your business or service and dishonest comments should be removed. If it is not possible to remove these negative comments, ignore them, or make a neutral solution as soon as possible and stop responding.

‘’Negative reviews and comments can be an opportunity to learn from customers what you can do better, train customers, and demonstrate your excellence in customer service.’’

Negative comments and product reviews express dissatisfaction. They represent a customer’s view of your product or company. This information is especially important if you have more than one same complaint. A negative review may also indicate that the customer has the wrong impression of the product which has been purchased. In this case, you can review the product replacement or the product presentation – if there is a problem.

If the complaint is based on misunderstanding or misuse of the product, a negative review provides you with an opportunity to educate the customers who inspect and future customers. For example, if a customer buys a tool and complains that it is not suitable for a particular use, you can suggest an alternative product or tell him/her why the product they purchased is not suitable for them.

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How Should Be ”About Us Page” of the E-Commerce Sites?

Every e-commerce site needs an “About Us” page. In this way, your visitors will meet your company and get to know you better. A few words for an effective ‘’about us’’ page will never be enough. It should contain certain materials, such as images, videos, resumes and experiences that demonstrate your competence. Although this page which tells about you will not receive the highest traffic to your site, the viewers will be users who are willing to work with you and are looking for answers to their questions; so, you must pay attention to your page.

When creating ”About Us” page for your e-commerce site, make sure that you do not ignore the following items:

Tell Them Who You Are

Your customers will want to know exactly who they work with. Adding location and address information, especially for smaller internet stores, will make it easier for your customers.

Describe Your Mission

Some companies address to personal needs, while others promise products at more affordable prices. If you are selling special production parts according to your mission, don’t forget to add this information to your page.

Who do you work with?

Add real photos of your employees and your company in order to reflect yourself better and show your transparency. Your customers may have seen these photos on many other companies’ sites. For this reason, you can photograph all employees from managers to beginners in their workspaces, and add these photos to the site.

Who do you support?

Your customers will want to know how you spend your money to help others. When some customers know how good the company is working for, they may feel more sympathy and want to shop more.

Show Your Rewards

List events and rewards that helped you make your name to be known. Be sure to include your official logo and digital certificates.

Don’t Make Fake Advertisements

Your “About Us” page directly influences whether you can establish reliable contact with customers. Personalizing your page and adding color makes an essential part of your shopping experience. This page is not an area for you to market your products.

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E-ticaret stok yönetimi

Inventory Control of E-Commerce

Cost is crucial for e-commerce initiatives. E-Commerce initiatives are looking for different ways to reduce costs to achieve a better financial position. One of the most widely used solutions in this search process is that e-commerce enterprises try to control and manage their inventories manually.

This is a common mistake. Moreover, the basis of this error is generally rooted in the idea, ‘’We do not lose money if we make everything ourselves’’. But this unintentional big mistake can lead to much bigger problems in the future.

In general, e-commerce initiatives think that they save money by delaying the costs of automated inventory systems, but the most important thing to know is that automated inventory systems and management tools are not a cost for e-commerce initiatives, but a smart investment in the business future.

Let’s look at the stock control systems which can bring advantages in your e-commerce business:


Inventory control systems minimize human errors and take them out of the process. They eliminate errors in manual data entry and save time for you and your employees with fast and accurate information scanning.

Accreditation Period

Inventory control systems save a great deal of time for you. They protect the cost of both training and accreditation, which is a new phase that you add to your business process for your employees.


It is very economical to use stock control systems that are valid for e-commerce enterprises.

Efficient Inventory Management

Inventory control systems allow you to monitor your stock very precisely. You can easily track your sales trends and levels with up-to-date information about your stock levels in barcode data. By defining stock levels, you can better manage stocks and decide in advance what to order.

Inventory control systems are an excellent great tool for e-commerce initiatives to work as efficiently as large businesses. They are inexpensive and user-friendly and can provide real-time data on your inventory levels. They assist in stock control and reduce inefficiencies. Also, they allow you to take more measurable steps towards your growth goals.

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