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E-Commerce and Colour Psychology

According to a study conducted by the Seoul International Colour Expo, more than 92% of people say that color plays a significant role when buying products. Believe it or not, only 6% of customers say that their sense of touch plays an important role, while their sense of smell and hearing corresponds to 1%.

Further research conducted by the Colour Research Institute has shown that shoppers are unconsciously judging people, the environment, and the product in the first two minutes of the first inspection. 60% – 90% makes a color-based assessment only. Therefore, catching the customer’s eye with a quick color scheme is an integral part of e-commerce success.

Meaning of colors;


Brown is a strong and reliable color that gives shoppers more confidence. If it will be used in the right amount, it can help transform a potential lead into a customer.


Orange radiates greed and energetic warmth. It also represents passion, originality, and new beginnings. If orange will be paired with cool shades of blue, it will be positive and exciting.


Yellow is a cheerful and fun color that catches the attention of customers. However, it should be used moderately.


The green color has a natural and organic aura. So, it is thought to be very easy. When shoppers see green, they relate it to relaxation, safety, and harmony.


Although pink is often associated with women, it can also appeal to men because it radiates good-hearted romance and love. Pink has a calming effect. It can, therefore, be used to compensate for more aggressive colors such as black, orange and red.


Red touches the deepest and the most important feelings of shoppers. Since it is often associated with love, life and trust, potential buyers can turn into lifelong customers if used correctly.


Purple has long been associated with royalty, power, and prosperity. The smart use of this color can help the customer make a positive purchase.


Blue conveys feelings of trust, peace, and productivity.


Grey is often associated with seriousness and a conservative mindset. Accurate shades of grey can serve as a great background for more vivid colors such as orange, red and dark blue.


White shows purity, tolerance, and clarity, and is essential for most web pages.


The influence of black is associated with its power and dominance. When black is used in e-commerce, it sends a confident message to potential customers. Excessive use can create a light and gloomy environment, so it should be used fairly along with other calm colors.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs do not know that the variety of colors they use on their websites can significantly affect their customers’ moods. You should know that choosing the right colors makes the difference between having a customer coming in and having a one-time customer.

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