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Choosing the Right E-Commerce Software

You can also work with a web developer for your E-Commerce site, but high costs can affect your growth rate. Choosing an improved, readily available e-commerce platform will benefit you both in terms of time and money.

In this article, we will cover some important information to consider when choosing the best e-commerce platform for your business.

Pricing and Payment

Almost all platforms worldwide monthly remuneration while it is taken annually in Turkey. Costs may vary depending on the type of platform purchased (Server Cost, Add-ons, etc.). You should also consider the transaction fees associated with the platform. For the sake of a lower price, don’t sacrifice what you need.

For the best results, try to weigh the pros and cons of each platform. You should also consider how your customers will pay. Some platforms do not offer payment to the third-party vendors (such as Payu, İpara and İyzico), while others are compatible with integration.


Another factor to consider when looking at E-Commerce infrastructure providers is integration and add-ons. Platforms such as Shopify have many tools for running your business. The needs of your business will be conclusive in deciding which extensions are right for you. When looking at different platforms, think deeply about what tools you will need, and do not sacrifice what you need.

SEO Compatibility

There are some points that you need to consider when looking for an SEO-compliant platform:

  • Ability to adding a blog into your website
  • SEO friendly URL structure
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Page and site speed
  • Unique title and page descriptions

Mobile Design

Mobile usability is very significant for e-commerce. Conversions will be even better on a mobile website that is accessible and available from every device and browser. Did you know that about 60% of calls are made from mobile devices? For clothing-oriented e-commerce sites, this rate is around 80%.

Security & SSL

While most e-commerce software today has a robust security infrastructure as standard, you should be sure that your infrastructure supports secure sales (HTTPS / SSL) for your customers.

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