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Why E-Commerce Sites Can’t Grow?

Failure to Meeting Market Conditions In the last few years, as a result of the rapid growth of the economy, products adapted to the needs of different groups or consumer segments have been introduced to the e-commerce market in abundance. With this regard, the demand for products that meet the basic needs of the market has reached a certain saturation point. In

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Should E-Commerce Sites Remove Negative Product Reviews?

Negative product reviews are a challenge for anyone doing online business,, and they reduce the motivation of many business owners. Business owners are sometimes so angry with these comments that they try to destroy them. But how right is it to do that? Do negative reviews always harm the business? Once you acknowledge that negative reviews are inevitable, you should take

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How Should Be ”About Us Page” of the E-Commerce Sites?

Every e-commerce site needs an “About Us” page. In this way, your visitors will meet your company and get to know you better. A few words for an effective ‘’about us’’ page will never be enough. It should contain certain materials, such as images, videos, resumes and experiences that demonstrate your competence. Although this page which tells about you will

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E-ticaret stok yönetimi

Inventory Control of E-Commerce

Cost is crucial for e-commerce initiatives. E-Commerce initiatives are looking for different ways to reduce costs to achieve a better financial position. One of the most widely used solutions in this search process is that e-commerce enterprises try to control and manage their inventories manually. This is a common mistake. Moreover, the basis of this error is generally rooted in

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E-Commerce and Colour Psychology

According to a study conducted by the Seoul International Colour Expo, more than 92% of people say that color plays a significant role when buying products. Believe it or not, only 6% of customers say that their sense of touch plays an important role, while their sense of smell and hearing corresponds to 1%. Further research conducted by the Colour

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Blockchain Revolution in E-Commerce

Since Bitcoin, the world-famous cryptocurrency, has lost value, new technologies are being developed rapidly to facilitate both online and offline digital payments. With its Blockchain technology, Bitcoin has recently offered faster payments with better protection for customers. For this reason, it is likely to cause major changes in the e-commerce ecosystem and payment methods worldwide. Blockchain technology continues to evolve with

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How to Create the Perfect Unpacking Experience?

The story of your brand begins at the point where you first contact the consumer. If you have a plan to leave your customers with unforgettable feelings and give them a real brand experience, you can turn them into ambassadors for your brand with the perfect box opening experience. The experience of opening a box is more than just making your

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What are the Reasons Not to Sell in E-Commerce?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons for not making sells in your e-commerce store. If you think that you can not sell products from your e-commerce site, you should consider these suggestions! Opening an e-commerce store with low budgets is quite easy all over the world, and the number of them is greatly high. However, the failure

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The Impact of Logistics on E-Commerce

According to the ‘’E-Commerce Report of Turkey’’, prepared by TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) in 2017, the e-commerce volume, which reached 17.5 billion Turkish Liras, is expected to grow twice as much. This inevitable rise of e-commerce undoubtedly increases the importance of logistics companies that do their job well. In particular, e-commerce companies that attach importance to logistics processes

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E-Commerce Opportunities in the Middle East

There are many reasons why e-commerce traders see the Middle East as an alternative and a market with great potential. If you are engaged in e-commerce and want to improve your business, starting from the Middle East can be a very smart move. Compared to other regions, the Middle East, which is the fastest-growing region in e-commerce, has increased its

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4 Magical Words That Increase Sales

Thanks to the recent studies in the field of behavioral economics, psychology and neuromarketing to address consumer principles, ‘’four (4)’’ words have come to light, and have clearly demonstrated their impact. These words strongly engage the subconscious of consumers and significantly increase your chances of selling your products to them. Be sure to use these 4 words in your marketing

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