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Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce


E-commerce chatbots help buyers to find the right product by checking the stock of products, comparing with other products, and making payment much easier. They are computer-based software that enables you to communicate with customers in a personalized way.

Referral System

Artificial intelligence algorithms in search engines record important details of the product being searched based on the latest searches made by potential customers. Based on the result of the algorithm, the search engine generates appropriate suggestions for the browser and lists these suggestions in the personal dashboard to help find products faster and encourages the purchase action.

Visual Algorithms

In the past, users could not know where to find a product they liked and wanted to buy in real life or in a video they watched. Visual perception technology, which has existed for some time, has begun to reveal its real strength by combining with artificial intelligence and facilitating finding products.

With the help of artificial intelligence-based visual detection technology, it is possible to obtain information about the product and to find out where it is sold through a photograph taken from a smartphone or a screenshot.

Warehouse Automation System

The warehouse automation system, which is a must for the e-retail sector, plays an important role in the company’s decision to sell. Omnitro uses OPLOG’s artificial intelligence and robots to manage all warehouse processes. This ensures speed, efficiency and delivery schedules for products with maximum efficiency.

In summary, although artificial intelligence shapes e-commerce in a limited number; the use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is expected to increase. This increase will allow exceptional expectations to be identified, better customer associations to be established, the gap between personalization and privacy will be closed, and sales increase.

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