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9 E-Commerce Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Do

Costs of Cargo & Logistics

Many companies ignore tactically the option to free the cargo. There is no problem in paying minimum amounts of freight, but always offer free shipping for a certain amount, after which you can make a profit. Let’s say you have an undecided customer. He/she is considering buying a product for 20 Turkish Liras. If you offer a free shipping option over 30 Turkish Liras, he/she may choose to buy the other product instead of paying an extra shipping charge.

‘’For specific needs, you can charge your customers for the extra cost to offer faster delivery or a slower shipment at the discounted prices. With these options, you can address many different customers.’’

Poor Quality of Packaging

While it may be wise to spend low amounts of money on packaging, the consequences can be disastrous. You don’t have to devote a large part of your budget to the packaging, but you should pay attention to the safe delivery of the package and you should draw a path accordingly. Some senders use poor quality and unstable products to minimize shipping costs. This often leads to damage to the products in the shipment phase and may damage the brand image.

Not Listening to the Customers

You must get feedback from your customers about product satisfaction. If a large number of your customers have complaints about a particular product, all of those products likely have the same problem. By correcting these problems, you can increase both customer satisfaction and the reputation of your store. Also, you can increase your profits too.

Manual Shipping Process

Throughout the shipping process, monitoring a non-automated and manual process may seem a cheap option, but as your sales increase, this method will cost you more. You must use a shipping program that will make all arrangements and additions, and provide administration. If your needs are more specific, you can also find software that allows you to create your own custom program.

Poor Quality Server

The performance of your store is directly related to your server performance. Therefore, slowing down both in speed and response means losing your current and potential customers.

Trusting the Template

Another mistake made by 90% of those involved in E-Commerce is that they use a single template for all their needs. This is a major problem, especially with software that offers a single solution for every problem. This type of program can cause you many problems. That’s why you have to be certain while answering the following questions before selecting your theme and template:

– Can product pages be edited in case of needs?

– Is it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly?

– Is it easy to use on the phone?

You can choose your template and theme by asking yourself many questions whose main idea is the same as these questions.

Single Payment Method

Not everyone is a credit card user, and if your store only accepts credit card payments, you will lose a lot of customers. With the popularization of the e-wallet concept, it is in your best interest to add various electronic payment options.

Re-marketing Study

If you want to sell at high rates in your store, you should use re-marketing techniques like e-mail marketing and banner ads. It is obvious that online shopping is a fierce race, and you can make a difference by gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Mobile Incompatibility

The most common mistake is not to test the mobile site. Make sure your E-Commerce stores have smooth site navigation, an easy user interface and a design that fits the mobile screen without annoying the user.

Avoiding these mistakes will bring you closer to success and help you get to the best places in the e-commerce industry. It is important to remember that having a reliable logistics partner with you in this process will make you stronger. With Omnitro, you can remove obstacles to growing your business.

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