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4 Magical Words That Increase Sales

Thanks to the recent studies in the field of behavioral economics, psychology and neuromarketing to address consumer principles, ‘’four (4)’’ words have come to light, and have clearly demonstrated their impact. These words strongly engage the subconscious of consumers and significantly increase your chances of selling your products to them. Be sure to use these 4 words in your marketing texts and e-commerce product descriptions in order to increase your purchase conversions. You will clearly see the difference:


Your customers want to feel that you are talking directly to them, and the word ‘’you’’ does so much better than other words. A strong subconscious connection is created when promotions and advertisements focus directly on “us”.

Take a look at all of your e-commerce product descriptions, and make sure you address your potential customers directly and create texts that emphasize solutions to the problems. Use “you”, “yours” and similar forms of these pronouns in order to connect with your customers and increase your sales potential.


The slogan “a new design with new technology” is used for every new iPhone model, even if it looks the same as the previous one. Consumers have a positive relationship with everything new. They always want a new car, new clothes, and the latest technology. In the products you sell on your e-commerce site, you should make as much new emphasis as possible.


The word ‘’free’’ is not just a price; it is a powerful emotional trigger and a source of irrational excitement. So, be sure to use the word ‘’free’’ and service in your shipping options above a certain purchase threshold in your e-commerce store.


Securing purchases reduces the likelihood of losses and has a significant positive impact on your sales. Give your customers a sense of trust with the word ‘’Guaranteed’’ and implement a marketing and operational strategy that reinforces this feeling with user experiences.

Paying attention to the use of these words can take you one step further in your business, but you need partners who can grow your business together to be consistently successful. With Omnitro, you can get even closer to achieving your goals.

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